Alameda County Treasurer-Tax Collector

1221 Oak Street, Room 131, Oakland CA 94612


Investment Management

The Treasurer serves as the depository for all funds belonging to the County, school districts, and other special districts within the county. Operating primarily under Government Code, the Treasurer receives, deposits, and manages investments for nearly $7 billion generated from taxes, fees, grants, and bond proceeds annually. 

Under the Treasurer’s leadership, the Investments and Cash Management Division actively manages an Investment Pool of cash reserves for all County agencies, school districts and special districts. With approximately $6 billion in assets, the Investment Pool is invested in fixed income securities that are legally permitted by California Government Code and also meet the criteria of the Alameda County Treasury's Investment Policy.

 The primary objectives of the Investment Pool are:

  1. Safeguard Principal
  2. Maintain liquidity to meet cash flow requirements
  3. Achieve a reasonable rate of return consistent with these objectives

The Treasurer issues a monthly investment report with details on characteristics on the pool including total assets under management, current holdings in the pool, and the rate of return.

Investment Policy

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Treasury Oversight Committee

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Alameda County Budget

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