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Alameda County Deferred Compensation

The Alameda County Deferred Compensation Plan is available to County employees only. Services as needed, Intermittent, and Per Diem employees are not eligible to participate. Under the terms of the Plan, employees are allowed to supplement retirement and pension benefits by saving and investing pre-tax dollars through voluntary salary deferral. Contributions can be invested in the available investment options and any contribution or earnings on contributions are not subject to taxes until money is withdrawn. Distributions are usually taken at retirement when many participants are typically receiving less income, and may be in a lower income tax bracket than while working. Distributions are subject to ordinary income tax.

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Participant-Level Advisors

The Alameda County Deferred Compensation Plan will provide financial advice, guidance, and education to participants in the program through professional advisors.

Since 1986, the Alameda County Deferred Compensation Program has offered the opportunity for all of its employees to meet with a licensed financial representative to help guide you at no charge. These sessions are done with equal success in person or by phone and may take place on County time and at numerous locations around the County for your added convenience. 

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